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Saturday, February 14, 2009

+ my hEpi fAmiLi +

just want to share bout my beloved family....hehehe..i love them so damn much..

this is my mom and my dad
during their marriage...

this is me...da oldest sister..
im in UMP rite
studying somethin dat i've never dream..

this is my lil brother..fizi...
now...he is waiting for his SPM result..he works as a waiter at his friend's resturant..huhu

so naughty...huh...

lokman..my second lil bro..
erm...form 3 rite now i think..hihi...

hehe...he is rezuan..
my last lil bro..
da naughtiest among us..haha
standard 5 rite now..but still small..

hehehe...da cutest one is my youngest sister..aina..
i dont know why she looks very different from me n other siblings..huhu...
so 'gedik'..hahaha...she is 5 years old dis year..

huhuhu...i love my family so much...now, i miss them so much coz i'm really2 bz dis semester..huhu..i wanna go home...rite now, i try to appreciate what i have n i dont want to lose them coz they're all i have in my life...

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