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Friday, April 10, 2009

kEris tAminG sAri

The Keris Taming Sari is a very famous keris in Malay culture. It is equivalent to King Arthur's "Excalibur" and was allegedly owned by the legendary MAlay warrior Hang Tuah. The keris is said to possess magical powers. The keris is a prize from the Javanese kingdom of Majapahit (precursor of Indonesia) to Hang Tuah after winning a fight in the Kingdom with Taming Sari, and thus deriving the name from the original owner.

It was special in that it was made of twenty one types of iron - supposedly metal left over from the forging of the bolts of the Ka'aba. It was said that Taming Sari could do Hang Tuah's fighting for him - if Hang Tuah were menaced or in any way endangered, the keris would leap out of its sheath all by itself, fly through the air and attack the assailant, moving in the air whichever way the assailant dodged or turned, until it hit its mark. The whole of the sampir and batang are covered in gold leaf, making it a keris gabus or keris terapang.

The keris is still exist today and is part of the regalia of Sultan Azlan Syah, the Sultan of Perak.
Before the alleged Taming Sari became part of the Perak Royalty's regalia, the famed keris is believed to have been a hereditary article of the family of the Laksamana (Navy Admiral) who for generations, through succession, ruled as the territorial chief of Hilir Perak.

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