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Friday, April 10, 2009


Before the legend....before the icon… there was a teenager named Clark Kent.

Over the years, many tales have been told about Superman, but never has a tale featured the superhero as a teenager. Having the power to rule the world, what made Clark Kent chose good over evil?

When a meteor strikes Smallville, a young boy is left behind (along with his spaceship) and is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Raised as a good, wholesome mid-western boy, Clark soon realizes his otherworldly powers are only just starting to emerge. Caught between using his powers to defeat meteorite-infected bad guys and dealing with normal, teenage issues -- sometimes simultaneously, life on the Kent farm is never dull.

We are also introduced to a young, pre-evil Lex Luthor. Who would have ever thought that Lex and Clark were the best of friends before the days of the cape-donning superhero emerged?

The love of Clark's life is Lana Lang, whose parents were killed in the meteor crash. Currently on Smallville, Clark and Lana finally became a couple, but due to the fact that Clark refused to tell Lana the truth about his powers, he and Lana broke things off and it looks like Lex and Lana will be the next big couple.

Other featured characters include Chloe Sullivan -- a noisy reporter and best friend to Clark. She is currently the only friend who is aware of Clark's powers. Lois Lane (Chloe's cousin) recently entered the canvas as the future love of Clark's life.

As Clark gets through his teenage years, he constantly faces challenges which not only strengthens his powers, but also makes him realize he must make sacrifices in order to the serve the greater good.

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